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Project Modules

Project modules

The following picture describes the current KineticModels software structure. The application is splitted in several different modules each contained within a different package and compiled by a specific Maven2 module.

The main module org.kineticmodels.commons does't actually contain code: it is simply a root project to allow compilation of all linked modules in one step.

During the build phase, each module produces a jar artifact. The list of all generated artifacts follows:

  • org-kineticsystem-commons-thread.jar;
  • org-kineticsystem-commons-layout.jar;
  • org-kineticsystem-commons-layout-demo.jar;
  • org-kineticsystem-commons-data.jar;
  • org-kineticsystem-commons-data-demo.jar.

The org.kineticsystem.commons.layout module contains the code of a mature library project called TetrisLayout implementing a powerful Java Swing layout. This library can be used independently.